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2016-08-27 - weekly payment successfully completed , link1

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Welcome to !

our website is free dogecoin faucet , you can earn free dogecoins by just cliam.

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how can we pay ?

if you balance is morethan 100 Dogecoin's , we will pay saturday or sunday of every week directly into your Dogecoin wallet .

what is Dogecoin ?

  • Dogecoin is a digital currency , it is one of the most popular currency in the world .
  • transactions can be done with in few seconds from any part of the world with high security .
  • also you can convert Dogecoin into any other digital currency .
  • you can also buy any thing that you need from internet , also invest the dogecoins into sharemarket and also get these dogecoins by doing mining or claim our website.
  • Dogecoin wallet can available in different devices like windows, os x, linux, ios, android, blackberry, online.
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To know about dogecoin check below video OR click here

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what is Dogecoin ?

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